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Spring Is In The Air

Hey Shadow fans, it’s me, your favourite magical superstar back on the blog. I do hope all my followers and friends are well and enjoying the brighter mornings. Things in the hutch have got interesting. There has been an infestation of small furry not-rabbit things. Magic Guy says they are […]

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Return Of The Shadow

Hi Shadow fans. I’m back on the the blog. It’s been a while since I have had time to chat to my fans because I’ve been so busy being a superstar bunny. My stories have been published on the Kindle thing so the boys and girls can read all about […]

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Competition Night

Hello Everybunny, Shadow here, back on the blog. I’ve been busy writing my stories, but they are all done now and magic guy will be letting you know how to see them. I enjoyed writing them, but magic guy’s friend Andy and Mrs magic guy helped with some spelling and […]

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Shadow the Author

Hello Everybunny, Shadow here, back on the blog after simply ages and ages. But don’t worry I’ve been really, really busy. Not just starring in Magic Guy’s shows, but I have been writing my new books for my lovely fans, which is everybody to be honest. Magic guy’s friend Andy […]

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Happy New Year EveryBunny

Hello. It’s me, I’m back. Shadow is here to say Happy New Year. I’ve been very busy these last few weeks, with my driver, Magic Guy, helping me to lots and lots of different places. We went to Alloa and Stirling and Perth and Dundee and lots of places. I […]

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Magic Time with Scotland’s Magician

Hi Shadow fans, it’s me back on the blog! Woo hoo! It’s finally the weekend which can only mean one thing – it’s magic time! For those of you who don’t know Magic Guy specialises in close up magic or what’s also known as mix and mingle magic and he’s […]

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