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You Can Do Magic Too! DVD




Welcome to “You Can Do Magic Too!”, a brilliant DVD htat teaches YOU how to be a master magician in no time at all!

Featured on this fantastic DVD are 8 great tricks that will baffle and amaze your family and friends. All of them can be done using regular household objects and they’re all designed to be extremely easy to do!

Contents include:

The Cups & Balls – The world famous trick that you’ll be doing in only a few minutes…Amazing!

Find the Lady – The famous 3 Card Trick!… Fool your friends!

The Vanishing Coin Mystery – This trick will make you look like a real sleight-of-hand master with very little practice.

Reading Your Mind – Believe it or not, I can read your mind. Just look at the TV screen and I’ll tell you what you’re thinking!

Jumping Jacks – a great easy-to-do trick where 4 jacks jump from the middle of the deck, right to the top…BRILLIANT!

Water to Ice – With a wave of your hand, you’ll turn into ice cubes in seconds!

The Mindreading Card – Think of a card and I’ll make it vanish before your very eyes…you won’t believe it!